Facial beds

Buy a facial bed online at the best price in India. We have a wide range of beds in spa and salon Furniture. Check out our extensive collection of massage tables, and facial beds.

No matter what you are looking for you will find it here. Source One Beauty offers facial chairs, hydraulic chairs, electric beds, and all for a price that will fit your budget.

professional Body massage bed for spa

Body Spa massage bed

hydraulic facial bed

Hydraulic facial bed

manual facial bed 3folds

Hydraulic facial bed

facial bed, body massage bed

Facial bed 2 folds

facial massage bed 3folds

Facial bed 3 folds

facial massage bed wooden with storage

Wooden facial bed

facial massage bed wooden

Wooden facial bed 2 folds

Electric facial bed 3 folds

Hydraulic Facial bed 3 folds